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Biggest Problem/Challenge Among My Students?

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My biggest challenge is helping speakers understand that humor is a skill that can be learned, developed, and nurtured. If you listen to comedians, humorists, and professional comedy writers being interviewed they usually state something along the lines of "I'm just naturally funny."

This is incorrect. Being funny is simply a skill and like all skills it is something that can be learned. Just like you can learn to play golf, you can learn to paint, you can learn to cook - you can learn to be funny. Now it is your innate talent that will determine whether you end up playing golf like Tiger Woods, painting like Michelangelo, or cooking like Julia Childs. (Or whether you end up playing golf like Julia Childs, painting like Tiger Woods, or cooking like Michelangelo.)

But with training, while you might never reach a level on a par with Robin Williams or Rosie O'Donnell you can reach the point of being comfortable with using humor in your speeches. Using as much or as little humor as you wish to add color or personality to an otherwise dry or boring subject.
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The power of humor is that used effectively, it makes you memorable and your message more enjoyable.

Humor sells. It can change an opinion, change an impression, makes others want to connect with you, and persuade an audience to buy into your message. Everybody loves humor.

This site is devoted to giving you a chance to see if you want to add humor to your personal as well as professional life. All the articles are free, geared to the novice and will take you step by step into the kind of success humor can give you.

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Then when you know you can and want to add humor to your life and need the next step go to HumorMall's Power Tools for Success for a more in depth understanding on how YOU can be Funny without looking feeling or sounding foolish.

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"If I give you a joke, I make you funny for a day.
If I teach you to joke, I make you funny for a lifetime."®

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