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Dirty Secret of Marketing

by John Cantu ©

People get mislead by that old saw "Do what you love and the money will follow" - but what I have learned is: Do what you hate - market research and sales -- and the money will follow. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS.

"The dirty secret of marketing - IT NEVER ENDS!!!"

Remember this: No matter how big, how powerful, or how successful you become, you can never stop prospecting or marketing. A friend of mine sent me the May 27 sports section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. On page D2 was the following item: "WHEN WILL THIS END?- What was Tonya Harding thinking when she picked up trash for her community service? John Cantu of knows. "Discard, discard, keep for living room, discard, keep for kitchen, discard, discard, keep for bedroom..."

I hate sports. But I wrote that line - for no money. A San Francisco Chronicle sports-humor columnist emailed me and said, "If you want to write some sports jokes and submit them, I will mention your web site every time I use one." So not only am I not getting paid, I am writing for free on spec! But I did it because the Chronicle has a circulation of 500,000. That was enough exposure for me. I didn't realize his column was syndicated throughout the country - Yes I am writing for no fee - but I am getting paid by getting my web address mentioned nationally. is not maintained by a web master or outside source. My partner and I created the web site up front, design it, write the content, and pay for the monthly web site hosting, etc. It's all done by me and my partner. I have cancer and she is on total disability with a spinal cord injury in her neck. We call ourselves "The Cripple and the Cancer Survivor Team"

You should be able to tell just from the front page of what an inordinate amount of work it takes to make the web site look that professional. BUT it is that professional look that can make a high powered lawyer feel comfortable paying me $150 an hour.

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